Dinosaurs Unleashed London O2

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Dinosaurs Unleashed London O2

Dinosaurs Unleashed London O2
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London, United Kingdom26 contributions
Should of believed the reviews!
8/2011 • Pariskunnat
My boyfriend and I did this on a Sunday afternoon as dinosaurs is something he is in to and we live close to the O2 we are 24 and 32.
I had read some of the reviews before we went and thought cant be as bad as people are saying we will make up our own minds, I wish we had just listened and saved the money! When you get to the O2 you walk around what seems the most of the building - seeing 2 dinosaurs that look pretty good (note they are the best you will see) and then go outside to see some middle size tent. Still we carried on and paid around £15 for each of us. When you start you walk around as a group for a tour that last 30-40 mins. The tour was ok but aimed at kids and even a few of them were saying it was rubbish!!! As soon as you walk in the main room you can see the whole attraction from where you are standing there is round about 15 dinosaurs. You could walk the whole thing in 10mins!
Now the dinosaurs are meant to move... well the head moves from now and then but if u blink you may miss it and the tail sometimes. The details that went into the making of them are very poor looks like a bit of rubber slapped on some frame and then painted.. The whole thing was rushed and if you want to see the good ones, just look at the 2 in the o2 as they are the best your going to see... its very misleading! My boyfriend and I were very disappointed in the whole thing. I would save your money and go to the NHM. Also the gift shop at the end if you want presents is poor! Expensive and has natural history museum wrote all over it.

I hope this helps you all if you are thinking of going I strongly say don’t... take your kids to the museum and have more fun there!
I have a nephew who is 2 who I was thinking of taking and I will not bother!

Yet it is up to however like I said I wished I had believed the reviews on here x
Written 8. elokuuta 2011
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Lontoo, UK21 contributions
Fun for the kids but the Natural History Museum is better all round!
I took my niece (5yrs old) and nephew (6yrs old) to this yesterday. The tour guide was great at getting the kids involved and had some interesting facts about the dinosaurs, but we had just as much fun looking at the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and at Crystal Palace (neither of which you have to pay to see).

We had a groupon voucher which meant we didn't pay full price, hurrah, and the kids got a goodie bag. Its just a swim bag with an activity book inside but it kept the smalls happy on the train home
Written 1. elokuuta 2011
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East Peckham, UK19 contributions
See it through the eyes of a child
I took my daughter and a group of friends for her 10th birthday treat. We were welcomed enthusiastically by highly energetic and humourous staff who totally connected with my bunch of tweens. The "event" is staged like a mini safari park, where you wander around observing the dinosaurs with the benefit of a guide sharing interesting and funny facts about the different beasts.

Although the animatronics are not wildly exciting, the lifesize scale is impressive, and after you have finished the tour, you are free to wander around at your leisure and the children can take part in a number of other activities, such as an interactive quiz and fossil hunting.

The staff really impressed me with their level of interaction with the children, encouraging them to get involved. In the end, my bunch were so engaged with what they were doing it was a struggle to get them to leave.

We spent over two hours there, all six children (aged 10) had a thoroughly enjoyable time - I consider the admission price excellent value for money for an attraction in London, especially on a very rainy day in July.
Written 28. heinäkuuta 2011
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Lontoo, UK2 contributions
Day of fun
Had a very good day with my two kids last Saturday. We took the boat to the o2 then a long walk to Dinosaurs Unleashed joined a group in the time tunnel and went back in time to the age of Dinosaurs, kids asked lots of questions and the staff answered all with such enthusiasm I learned alot as well. We then did Origami and the guy doing it was good with kids and adults we came away with lots of paper Dinosaurs now i have the Origami bug. Want to thank all the staff as it was a wonderful day and the kids slept all the way home.
Written 31. toukokuuta 2011
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Bexley, UK582 contributions
Expensive birthday trip out,no wonder dinosaurs are extinct!
Myself and partner saw this on the 02 website and booked it for our daughter's 8th birthday. It was very expensive-£11.25 for a child, and £14.25 for adults. However it is sold as an upclose and personal experience with life size animatronic dinosaurs so we felt the price was worth it.

On arrival we were met by very friendly staff, joined a small group and went back in time to the land of dinosaurs. When we walked through it reminded me of the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace when I was a child-very plastic and hardly moving ! Literally, maybe a tongue moved, or a bit of the head, but that really was it. Our daughter however,was completely enthralled, and our guide was very informative explaining each dinosaur and encouraging the children to ask and answer questions. However I found the layout disappointing, and the guide part was over in around half an hour. Then you can walk around and try out the quizzes and presentations-one was a sand pit with plastic fossils in it which was pretty abysmal to be honest. The CGI aquarium was a complete let down. As mentioned already,its all over in around an hour and a half, and to get out you have to walk through the tacky gift shop which is charging £8 for a Dinosaur Unleashed Swim bag & other ridiculously expensive rubbish. We left in a hurry, and felt let down as yet again, here in the Uk, you get charged over the odds to be able to take your children out for family time. Its simply not fair. very poor value for money.However I have managed to save my friends money but telling them not to bother going.
Written 24. toukokuuta 2011
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gloucestershire229 contributions
Not the best!
Myself and my boyfriend have just got back from a trip to London. Before we went, we saw this advertised and decided to book tickets as it looked like something different to go and see. We got there just before 1 and went in with a group of people. It is a tour of the dinosaurs they have with a guide and then you are free to wander round after. To be honest it is a good idea for the tour, as they take you to each dinosaur and explain a bit about them. If this didnt happen you could prob walk around in about ten minutes to be honest. It wasnt really what i expected, but im sure young kids would enjoy it. There are games for them to play as well.
Written 3. toukokuuta 2011
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Lontoo, UK1 contribution
Was really looking forward to this event and the price of the tickets led you to believe you were in for something special.
We stopped for lunch in the place (which we had to supply unless you like living out of a vending machine) and it still took an hour or less to go round.
There were some nice gimmick computers at the end, but like the rest of it, the novelty soon wears off.
You cant get close to the dinosaurs, their movement is limited (at best) and the only thing that is realistic is the tropical jungle climate... it was absolutely melting in there (on a wet day in March !!!)
You have to walk right round the O2 centre to get to it as it is right at the back and at one point you think you might have gone past it... its that far.

Really disappointed and I would say it is aimed at the school party market rather than a family visit.
Save your money and go to the Natural History Museum. So much better.

Very poor.
Written 23. maaliskuuta 2011
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Lontoo, UK62 contributions
The advert make it look great however my 3 children aged 9, 5 and 3 were totally unimpressed and so were we, at £55.00 for family of 5 not cheap..it takes no time at all to walk around the dinosaurs were rubbish and didnt hold there attention at all..they actually played on a computer game at the end for longer than they looked at the dinosaurs... we heard other familys complain about the price too..I did complain to a member of staff in the over priced gift shop you have to walk through at the end to get out but they didnt care at all...they had the money...Rip-off DONT GO spend your money on Anything else....!
Written 8. maaliskuuta 2011
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