Urwald Sababurg

Urwald Sababurg - arvostelut (Kassel)

Urwald Sababurg

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Harderwijk, Alankomaat36 contributions
Fairy-tale like, but not suitable for normal kid-buggies
8/2018 • Perhe
With this little stretch of primedial woods, the world is a little better. Allthough not big, there is hardly any intervention from people. And it shows. Very big oak trees, both alive and dead. The dead trees make for the best photo opportunities.

There are three paths to chose from. Yellow (squirel) 1.2 km, Orange (Oak-leaf) about 2.4 km and Red (Woodpecker) about 4.5 km. Because of the heat (38 celsius) and bringing our little boy along, we chose the yellow path. It was rugged enough and our small-wheeled kid-buggy could hardly handle the terrain. Another down-side is the parking lot. It’s on the other side of the little patch of woods. Yes, across a 70km road, in a bend, hard to see far enough. So, therefor I give the location four stars.

The location is best visited by car. There is a busstop, but I’ll be quite surprised if the bus stops more then once every two hours.

The zoo along the road could be a good place to go to if you have the time. We hadn’t.

The Saraburg itself lies further off and looks like a good place to just stop for a little while and enjoy the location.

We took a detour to Kassel along the L561, parallel to the B80, starting from the Saraburg Castle to Oberweser. We even took a back-road that wasn’t on the map at all. Our navigation sometimes had troubles to finding our exact location, so was a bit slow with giving directions. But it was a thrill to drive. Steep slopes on either sides and hardly a wide enough road to drive on.

The weird thing is that the L561 mostly has a speedlimit of 100 max. But that’s far too dangerous, because of sharp corners out of nowhere. But also te loose dirt and gravel can make things more interesting.

Keep your wits about you and keep concentrated on these roads.

And of you want a sniff of a Brothers Grimm scenery, this Urwald Saraburg is a good place to go.
Written 7. elokuuta 2018
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Stan S
Grundau, Saksa24 contributions
This Many Old Oak Trees Don't Exist In Other Forests!!!
10/2017 • Perhe
I'm not at all sure that I can describe this forest and do it justice. I expected a few old trees, but that is so short of the mark it would be like saying Babe Ruth played baseball. It's certainly not the kind of place where you walk through the woods quickly, no, you'll want to take your time as well as pictures. Lots of pictures.
Written 21. maaliskuuta 2018
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Shu K
San Jose, Kalifornia342 contributions
Imagine You're Little Red Riding Hood
7/2015 • Perhe
This place is just outside the Sababurg castle - if you have the time, be sure to check it out! There is parking across the street, so it's a convenient stop. There is not a well groomed trail, so be sure to be ready to walk over fallen trees, etc. The beauty here is that the trees are old and untouched, so you'll really get a feel for what it was like for Little Red Riding Hood to be walking through the woods. A must!
Written 11. elokuuta 2015
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nürnberg10 contributions
Mystical Forest
This is a great forest with old oak and beech trees. The up to 600 years old giants give this place a mystical flavor. The brothers Grimm lived and worked in this region, therefore the forest is also part of the Märchenstraße which follows the places of old folk stories.

Best way to access the forest is by car. A good parking lot is "Dreckstor" where you can choose between several well prepared and marked routes through the forest.

If you are looking for more nature, there is an animal park bordering at the east. If you are looking for more folk stories, next to the animal park is the so called sleeping beauty castle. If you find your way to 12km away Trendelburg you will find Rapunzel's tower.
Written 26. kesäkuuta 2014
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