Cathedral Rocks and Spires

Cathedral Rocks and Spires - arvostelut (Yosemite National Park)

Cathedral Rocks and Spires

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I suggest, if you can, to go early one day, see some attractions, but then visit in the early evening. This way you get perspectives, the sun sets on Half Dome and other formations, turning the rock into hues that's different from the daytime. Some think that Cathedral Rocks and Spires are more interesting to look at then El Capitan. Any picture is hard to give this justice. It is all a must see in person to really appreciate the full effect.
Written 31. heinäkuuta 2019
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New York1 290 contributions
Peaks and Spires and Rock, oh my...
8/2018 • Soolomatka
Only 2 reviews? DP of London really gave a nice overview. And it's not so easy to identify rock formations between different perspectives, distance, and lighting - maybe including wildfire smoke (which I had too). I'll add just two cents (tuppence?) First, I really benefited from having taken the Valley Floor tour with a park ranger. A lot of info about the burn policies historically, glacial events, original settlers, etc., but also really helpful in assisting me to identify formations from different angles. That's not so easy, I found, even with online maps & images, and park brochures. I learned that the tall slender "Cathedral Spires" are sort of enclosed within the Cathedral Rocks, not easy to see if you're looking at a broad panoramic view from afar. But you can get closer! Bridalveil Fall too, with several trails under and over. Infinite perspectives! That's #1, observation that the Cathedral Rocks can and will be seen from many perspectives within Yosemite. They're not as famous as El Capitan or Half-Dome, massive in their own rite each, and a must-do for many serious rock climbers and hikers. #2. "A picture's worth 1000 words." Here's a favorite image where I know for sure what I'm looking at (now). Left to Right: Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Fall (what there is of it in summer), and dead center, just above the tree line, the "Leaning Tower", This is the view from the Valley floor/Valley View, at the banks of the Merced River. It I turned 45% left I'd see El Capitan looming large. That's from a photography/biking/easy hiking point of view. Walk 50 feet/meters and you'll see a different perspective. Go to other vantage points, like Tunnel View or Glacier point, again, they may look different but you'll see some familiar rock friends. This is one you'll surely get to know if you visit Yosemite Park.
Written 11. lokakuuta 2018
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Lontoo, UK2 281 contributions
7/2018 • Perhe
We first saw Cathedral Rocks while we were coming to Yosemite National Park by Yarts bus on Highway 41 and thanks to the driver Garry, who pointed out those along with the Bridal Veil Falls and delivered some nice information of these peaks. The Bridal Veil Falls was our first major falls which was flowing between Cathedral Rocks on the left and Leaning Tower on the right. These rocks tower 2,000 feet over Yosemite Valley and at the south part of Yosemite Valley, just opposite El Capitan peak. There are three major summits that are called Higher, Middle and Lower Cathedral Rocks. The next day, when we were out for Valley Floor tour, we again witnessed these majestic peaks. We heard that there are many hiking trails and rock climbing area, but we didn’t dare to do so and was satisfied to see them at a distance. The forest fire smoke reduced our visibility but still they looked gorgeous.
Written 10. syyskuuta 2018
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