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Gorgan, Iran


  We plan to come there early December. And it will be the last part of our holiday. We must catch a flight at Ivalo on last day at 13:20.we have a rental car.Question is, Des first half ( 11th) , is it possible something like heavy snow block the road? The way to Ivalo via E 75 is about 2 h and 30min, we can leave sooner for safety, but afraid of road blocks.

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Utsjoki, Suomi
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Hi there!

Everything is possible up here. Most challenning part might be fisrt 100 kilometer from Utsjoki to Ivalo. Anyway it so early winter and usually we get bad snowstorms in february so i believe you will have good roads on that time. Thought i still recommend to leave in morning. You need one hour for check in to flight and three hours for driving just in case if something happens on the road.

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Genk, Belgia
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I went to this region in March 2016. During my trip I haven't Sean any Road blocks. However at certain points they will have deviated the Road over the ice of some of the lakes.

If you have any more questions Don't hesitate to ask

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