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Difficult Campground

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Another tent can go where the chairs are and a smaller tent could go to the right of the table n
Vault Toilets
sunset from camp
Campsite 47
Hey, is there a shuttle or bus from aspen or is a car required to reach this campground?
There is no shuttle to Aspen, however there is a really awesome bike/running/walking path that is very well maintained that takes you directly into Aspen with breathtaking views. You can pick this path up at the entrance of the campground. There may be a bus stop along the way that could pick you up along the way but I'm not sure about that.
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Hi, Ismael S.: Even though the sites feel private, they are all relatively close together. (The exception to this would be the group campsite which is very secluded from the others and close to the river.) Having camped here a couple of times, my best recommendation would be site #001, which is very nicely located - close to a bathroom and entrance, but not too close. You'll have no neighbors on the north side of you. Last year I found myself at site #002 and I LOVED it! There is a babbling stream that runs at the back of the campsite and there are some huge lichen covered boulders there as well. I handpicked site #002 after seeing it on the visit before. (Maybe I'm biased, but I think it is one of the best campsites at Difficult Campground.) I would also stay at site #001. Regarding sites next to the river, I've stayed in the upper loop before, fairly close to the river. Those areas, if I recall correctly, are higher up on a hill. By map standards, it appears they are right next to the river or that there is a view, but there was not from what I saw. I also could not hear the river from my upper loop site, so I wouldn't book it with the idea that it will "drown out noise." Others may have more info on this aspect. Regardless, there is a great bridge that goes right over the river and provides trail access, so you can visit and poke around with your kiddos. I adore this campground and will go back throughout my life. Nothing thrills me more than to see parents who introduce their little ones to the beauty of the outdoors. Kudos to you!
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All spigots in this campground are equipped with backflow preventers so it is OK to use a hose to fill your RV. Because the CG roads are all single lane it is best to fill your tanks at the wide area near the dumpsters and host sites - doing so keeps you from blocking traffic and cuts the chances of someone hitting and damaging your rig. A spigot is located about 15' behind the bulletin boards.
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Can you fill your camper with water at the campground?
Are wood fires Allowed? Thanks
Wood fires are allowed as long as a fire ban is not in place. A fire ban has only been imposed once in the last four years and then only for a short time until the monsoons picked up.
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difficult campground hotel aspen
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