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MOUNT KILI – kuva: Jiandae Tours, Moshi

Valokuva kohteesta : MOUNT KILI

Jiandae Tours

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Moshi: nähtävyydet – sijalla 10/587
Chemka hot spring
That's a Maasai Tribe found in Tanzania the most powerful tribes that based on Animal keeping and they nomally played a nomadic role actually they don't dwell in one place but always move from one place to another in search for pasture and water for their animals that's their traditional life of living and unique style of wearing clothes and Dancing with stick and they normally get married along their tribes non from other tribes very rare from other tribe apart from a maassai tribe.
Those clients they were descending from the top African summit of Kilimanjaro Mountain  after reaching the summit safely with a great attentive that brought by Jiandae Tours
Zebras are several species of African e quids united by their distinctive black and white striped coats.Their stripes come in different patterns,unique to each individual.They are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds.Zebras are several species of African e quids ( horse family  ) united by their distinctive black and white stripes coats.Their stripes come in kingdom:Animal, Class:Mammalia,Order:Perissodactyla, Subgenus:Hippotigris and Dolichohippus
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