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Captain Zophar Deane Ramsdell's office and personal desk – kuva: Ramsdell House, Ceredo

Valokuva kohteesta : Captain Zophar Deane Ramsdell's office and personal desk

Captain Zophar Deane Ramsdell's office and personal desk
The front room of The Ramsdell House.
The upstairs back bedroom, complete with rope bed and chamber pot.  It is believed that Carrie Ramsdell gave birth to her son in this bed.  Baby was fine but Carrie died the next day due to complications.  .A year later, Zophar Ramsdell passed away, probably in this bed.  The room has the only window in the home that faces the river and is just the size for a lantern used for signaling across the ohio River.
The cellar door facing the Ohio River.  This would have been the last doorway Underground Railroad guests would have passed through as slaves...once across the river, they were FREE!
After the Civil War, Captain Ramsdell became Postmaster, followed later by his son, Will.
The Ramsdell House in Ceredo, West Virginia.   Built by anti-slavery colonists Zophar and Almeda Ramsdell, it was the only home to survive the raids of The Civil War and the floods of 1913 and 1937.  Built on an indian burial mound, it was one of the last stops on The Underground Railroad.
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