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Perky Peach ready for pick up – kuva: Rio Bravo Brewing Company, Albuquerque

Valokuva kohteesta : Perky Peach ready for pick up

Perky Peach ready for pick up
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Green beer every St. Patrick's Day - even during quarantine
2 NEW BEERS on tap this week 🍻
Left: “Wee Light” Scottish Ale
Right: “Bastard Child” Weisse Bock
After 9 months of aging inside a columbian rum barrel, this version of Grab em by the Putin is finally on tap (on nitro) TODAY, 6/26!
ABV 14%
This is the same batch we pulled from to send up to Los Alamos for the Stout Challenge back in February except it got to age a bit longer. With a little under 1 barrel, this will only be available for a short time.

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